Shropshire Council have published a new Economic Growth Strategy.

The strategy has been written by Gemma Davies who joined Shropshire Council in January as the new Head of Economic Growth.

‘The draft strategy has taken into account the recently commissioned work with economic and social policy specialist consultants IPPR North to develop a new economic vision, alongside the council’s own corporate plan and vision to ‘make Shropshire a great place to live, learn and work’.

The BID team have reviewed and summarised the strategy below and are drafting a response on behalf of businesses in Shrewsbury.

BID members who would like to contribute further can:


Summary of Economic Growth Strategy

  1. The SC corporate vision is to ‘make Shropshire a great place to live, learn and work’.
  2. The Council does not have control over all actions and activities that will generate economic growth.
  3. The Vision for Shropshire is to ‘be an excellent location in which to do business, renowned for the pool of talent among its people and widely respected for its ability to attract investment. We will maximise our full economic potential and fully utilise our high quality assets to generate growth and increase productivity.’
  4. Objectives
    1. Support and grow existing businesses
    2. Attract new inward investment
    3. Develop and retain talent and skills
  5. Priority Actions
    1. Target actions and resources where there are economic opportunities
    2. Enable businesses to grow and succeed
    3. Deliver infrastructure to support growth
    4. Meet skills needs of businesses and people’s aspirations for work
    5. Promote Shropshire to investors
    6. Build our reputation as a Council that is ‘good to do business with’
  6. Targets
    1. Increase GVA (currently £6 billion) by 12%
    2. £300 million of private sector investment
    3. At least 3,700 new jobs
    4. 1,375 new homes per annum