After three weeks, the bespoke Big Town Plan Pop Up space at 80 Wyle Cop closed its doors having provided an opportunity for the public to share their opinions and suggest ideas on the outline proposals for Shrewsbury’s Big Town Plan.

Over 2,000 comments have been shared by the public through the pop up space and all have been recorded by the Big Town Plan team.

“We have been delighted that so many people – from those who live and work here to those visiting have taken part,” commented Seb Slater, Executive Director at Shrewsbury BID, who are working in partnership on the project with Shropshire Council and Shrewsbury Town Council.

He continued: “There has been a good range of comments and some brilliant ideas received which will now help shape and improve the plan – the public have genuinely welcomed the opportunity to get involved.”

“The artist impressions displayed in the pop up generated some really good debate too. It’s important to note that they are conceptual – and that the plan does not propose broad brush pedestrianisation, but does suggest a set of actions that would improve access to the town and make it an even better place to spend time and move around in,” Seb added.

“In terms of next steps, together with our partners in the project, we will be reviewing all of the comments gleaned from the public engagement so far and using them to help shape and guide the next phase in the development of the Big Town Plan.” Seb concluded.

Nic Laurens, Shropshire Councillor commented: “Shropshire Council is proud to have been involved in allowing the residents and businesses of Shrewsbury to have their say on the future of Shrewsbury.  The insight and feedback so readily given will not only be useful for the Big Town Plan, it will also support the Shropshire Economic Growth Strategy.”

“The level of interest has been remarkable, and ensuring we incorporate the feedback and investigate the many projects suggested is a key part of the next phase of this project.”

Helen Ball, Town Clerk at Shrewsbury Town Council said: “We are delighted by the interest shown from people locally about the Big Town Plan.  It has been a consultation process which has engaged all, from those who like to access information online to those who like to call in for a chat.  We look forward to working with other partners in collating these comments so that we can factor these into our future plans.”

Whilst the informal consultation HQ will close, the dedicated website set up for the project at will remain active so the public can continue to view the outline plan and make comments and suggest ideas.

Seb Slater added: “We would like to thank Meriel Thomas, the landlord of the unit on 80 Wyle Cop, for letting us use the unit for free, and we are delighted to hear that The Soden Collection will be moving in after we vacate.”