Update from Shrewsbury BID on proposed changes to the Shropshire Council Car Parking Strategy following the consultation.

In September Shrewsbury BID expressed publicly its deep concern at the original proposals and consulted widely with our members and organised a public meeting with Shropshire Council.  In particular members were concerned with:

  • Introduction of uncapped linear charging in all car parks
  • Uncompetitive pricing of car parks (in particular St Julian’s Friars)
  • Removal of £1 Sunday offer
  • Introduction of evening charging in all car parks
  • Introduction of charges for coaches

Shrewsbury BID have worked closely with car parking consultants AECOM on a robust and professional consultation response and held a number of subsequent meetings with senior Council officers.

Following meetings with Shropshire Council officials there have been significant changes and improvements to the strategy summarised below.

Summary of changes to the proposals

  • Sunday offers – FREE in Frankwell and Abbey Foregate, Raven Meadows £1.50 all day 50% off other car parks
  • 8 hour cap in Abbey Foregate, Frankwell and Raven Meadows car parks
  • No evening charging in Abbey Foregate and St Julian’s car parks
  • St Julian’s Friars car park reduced from £1.80 to £1 per hour
  • Raven Meadows open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with £5.40 overnight fee (ie. equivalent of three hours’ charge)
  • Free parking for coaches now protected supporting the visitor economy
  • Check in / Check out trial (alternative to pay on exit)
  • Review of Park & Ride with Shrewsbury BID

New Sunday offers will mean that off street car parking will either be FREE or in come cases cheaper than the £1 it is today it is today.

Full list of car park charges per hour

  • Abbey Foregate – £0.50 an hour, with an 8-hour cap (band 5). Free on Sunday
  • Frankwell Main, Riverside and Quay – £0.70 an hour, with an 8-hour cap (band 4). Free on Sunday
  • St Julian Friars – £1 an hour, with an 8-hour cap (band 3)
  • Raven Meadows – £1.80 an hour, with an 8-hour cap (band 2). £1.50 all day on Sunday
  • Bridge Street – £1.80 an hour (band 2)
  • St Austin’s – £1.80 an hour (band 2)
  • Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre – £1.80 an hour (band 2)


Shropshire Council have committed to a ‘Check-in Check-out’ trial (alternative to Pay on Exit) which the BID have lobbied for – meaning that customers will no longer need to rush back to their cars to top up or avoid a ticket.

Shrewsbury BID will be closely measuring the impact of the car parking changes and feeding back to Shropshire Council.

Kevin Lockwood, Shrewsbury BID Board member and Chair of the BID’s Access and Car Parking Group says:

“Whilst we think the changes could have gone further, they do represent a significant shift. We would like to thank our members who attended meetings and responded to our consultation. It gives us confidence that Shropshire Council has taken action by revising the draft proposals, showing that our collective voice on local issues can effect real change.”

Dilwyn Jones, Director of Shrewsbury BID and Shrewsbury Tourism says:

“Whilst the new proposal does include parking increases I do feel the Council have listened and showed compromise. Sunday parking is free in some car parks instead of £1 so that’s a real win. Coach parking is still free so that is still a carrot for tour operators. Linear parking actually offers cheaper parking in certain car parks for certain periods and there is now a cap after 8 hours on some car parks so that encourages dwell time. The key is now communication and signage to help people as they enter the one way system.”