One thing is for sure, Charles Darwin would have loved the Darwin Rocks workshop, and in fact he did. Charles Darwin was at Shrewsbury Museum this Saturday with 15 youngsters each having a fantastic time making their own fossil! Hopefully this will have inspired the next generation of Shropshire’s young to be as enthused as the young Charles Darwin was when told about the Bellstone in Shrewsbury.

He was told the world would come to an end before anyone could say how the Bellstone came to where it now lies. When Charles was slightly older he was at a geological lecture and was taught about glaciers and realised that it must have been a glacier that dropped the Bellstone on Shropshire tens of thousands of years ago.

The festival continues until the 24th February so still a few days left to take part. For more information and ticket details for the many events being staged across the town as part of the DarwIN Shrewsbury Festival, visit