We’re encouraging all local businesses to spread the #ShopShrewsbury message this summer, which aims to promote shopping local and supporting Shrewsbury’s businesses with posters, stickers and social media graphics.

Alongside the town-wide campaign, Shrewsbury BID will be running an Instagram and Facebook advertising campaign.

Each ad will lead with a graphic highlighting the campaign’s catchphrase “Where do you buy your..?”, eg drinks, jewellery, vegetables, clothing etc.

These will then be followed by images from a selection of relevant businesses. Each image will have a customised caption which will link back to that business’ own Instagram account and a selection of hashtags.

We have created social media graphics based on a number of categories (these can be downloaded from the graphic library below), but please let us know if you would like another one creating by filling in this form.

We held a workshop providing information on the campaign and some Instagram training on Tuesday 16th July, view the presentation from that session.

Graphic library