A team of cleaning operatives drafted in to help keep Shrewsbury town centre safe is continuing its work following the second lockdown and beyond. 

The group of four cleaners patrol the town centre on a regular basis, sanitising common touchpoints like cashpoints, bus stops and benches to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

The project started in October and is funded by Shrewsbury Recovery Taskforce, made up of Shropshire Council, Shrewsbury Town Council and Shrewsbury BID. 

The taskforce is also funding subsidised safety equipment for businesses to help keep their staff and customers safe, including hand sanitiser and PPE. 

Kaye Gunner, of Shrewsbury-based Lavender Blue Services, which provides the cleaning operatives, said the team had been well-received. 

“It’s been very successful and we have had a lot of positive feedback which has been lovely,” she said. 

“The team have been introducing themselves to business owners and the public to explain what they are doing, and people have been reassured. 

“During the second lockdown, there were still people walking around the town centre, whether they are taking their daily exercise or walking to work, so we continued to sanitise touchpoints. 

Now that shops are open, we will carry on maintaining the cleanliness of their entrances as well as other public areas around the town.” 

Stephanie Mansell-Jones, business liaison at Shrewsbury BID which is coordinating the project, said the cleaners were part of wider work to ensure the town centre was safe and welcoming. 

“As well as these extra cleaning patrols, we are sourcing PPE and safety equipment for all shops and businesses at a discounted rate,” she said. 

“Shops, pubs, restaurants and every trader can do their bit by making sure everyone follows the rules so we can continue to work our way back to normality.