Working with Springboard, Shrewsbury BID operates two footfall cameras in Shrewsbury town centre to count pedestrian numbers.

The first camera is positioned on Pride Hill, counting people across the width of the street from the edge of the Pride Hill Shopping Centre doorway to the edge of Holland and Barrett.

The second camera is on High Street, it counts both pedestrians and vehicles across the width of the road between West Brom and Acoustic Boutique. This camera was upgraded in June 2021.





The cameras use two lines to count pedestrians coming ‘in’ and ‘out’ and combine these two figures to reach a footfall total. The system for counting is able to recognise humans by their shoulder width.

Our footfall reports use the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Calendar, which consists of complete weeks (Monday – Sunday) to ensure that the same day is comparable each week. Each month is compiled from a set of full weeks which results in a calendar of a 4 week month, 4 week month, 5 week month pattern. The data is mostly presented to show a weekly average for the month to account for a misbalance in month size.

We receive weekly and monthly benchmark data from Springboard who have cameras in hundreds of town centre locations across the UK.

Shrewsbury BID members receive full monthly footfall reports, if you are not a member but would like access to this data, please see our Voluntary Membership.

From May 2021 as we continue our recovery from COVID-19 we will be sharing weekly footfall statistics for Shrewsbury and UK town centres on our @ShrewsburyBID twitter feed.

Later this year we are planning to install a number of further smart footfall cameras to measure footfall and dwell time across different areas of Shrewsbury town centre.

If you have any further questions about our footfall counting, please contact