Shrewsbury BID promotes the town through the Original Shrewsbury website and social media accounts; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To help make the platforms more transparent to members, we have put pen to paper and gathered together the rules and guidelines we use to ensure the Original Shrewsbury platforms are utilised in the best possible way.

Original Shrewsbury’s social media platforms aim to promote Shrewsbury as a must-visit destination to both visitors and residents.

Our promotion of Shrewsbury covers many industries and areas, including independent and national retailers and eateries, accommodation providers, attractions, town centre events, local news, and town history and culture.

We promote Shrewsbury through daily social posts, weekly articles, Instagram takeovers, live streams and social media ad campaigns.

We maximise engagement with our existing and growing audience through a variety of posts and media, relevant to our audience.

Click here to read our full social media guidelines.

If you have any questions about our social media guidelines, please email