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Shrewsbury BID2 Renewal Ballot


The Business Improvement District for the town centre of Shrewsbury has been renewed for a five year term, from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2024 following a ballot administered by Shropshire Council, in accordance with the Business Improvement District Regulations 2004.

The BID ballot was successful after the following two tests were met:

1. A simple majority by number of those voting must vote in favour
Ballot Result: 88% in favour
2. Those voting in favour must represent the majority of rateable value of those voting
Ballot Result: 91% in favour

Eligible businesses were entitled to one vote per hereditament.

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The Business Plan

Frequently asked questions

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What will BID 2 Deliver?

Promoting & Animating

Shrewsbury is already a successful town with the potential to be even better. It is vitally important that the town continues to be professionally promoted and exciting activities are delivered to attract new customers.

Supporting & Enhancing

The visitor experience is increasingly important to the success of town centres. Shrewsbury BID will work with partners to improve the accessibility and attractiveness of the town whilst continuing to deliver and develop its award-winning safety projects.

Representing & Influencing

Towns operate more efficiently and profitably if businesses and public authorities are working effectively together. A continued strong and representative business voice through the BID on the Big Town Plan and issues affecting the town centre is vital to the success of Shrewsbury.

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Governance of the BID

The management and governance of the BID will be open and transparent and will be accountable to the levy payers.

The Shrewsbury BID operates as a company limited by guarantee and as such has a Board of Directors made up from BID levy payers. This Board takes responsibility for the strategic and financial management of the BID and will meet on a quarterly basis as a minimum.

The composition of the Board reflects the breakdown of the levy payers across the town. Alongside the Board there will be a variety of short life and/or ongoing working groups that will feed into the Board as and when required. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure good management of the BID.

The management team will be a combination of salaried and contracted resource depending on the needs of the business during the term of the BID.

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