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Original Shrewsbury website admin guide – events

Download this guide as a PDF.

1. You will receive an email from admin@originalshrewsbury.com. This will detail instructions on setting your password for your account.

2. Once your password is set, you can login in future by visiting https://originalshrewsbury.co.uk/user. Keep a note of your username, this is not your email address.

3. Once logged in, you will see your Dashboard, from here you can edit your listing (Places) and manage or create events (Events)

4. Click onto the ‘Events’ tab

5. Select the blue ‘Create an event’ button

6. You will then see a page titled ‘Create Event’, under which, there are 3 named tabs, Main Listing, Location and Facilities and Supporting Information. Work through these tabs with all the information about your event. To ensure that this page is as informative as possible, please work through each box, filling in the information as required. Those marked with a red star are mandatory fields, you will not be able to progress without filling these in.

7. Once you are happy that you have filled in as much information as possible, scroll to the bottom of the page and change the ‘Moderation state’ to ‘Needs Review’ and then ‘Save’. Your event will then be approved and uploaded to Original Shrewsbury.

Examples of events:

Example 1 – Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Example 2 – Titanic: Honour and Glory


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