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We have successfully negotiated changes to the Shropshire Council car parking strategy but continue to campaign for changes to go further in the interest of businesses in Shrewsbury.

In 2015, Shrewsbury BID negotiated £1 Sunday parking all day in long-stay car parks and for £1 for the maximum stay permitted in short stay car parks. This initiative provided an opportunity to extend the visiting time for those who want to come and spend time in the town centre on Sundays and further improve town centre trading.

Shropshire Council proposed a new car parking strategy in 2017, which we strongly objected to. During the consultation period, we worked with car parking experts to formulate an informed response, along with encouraging our members to respond and holding a public debate. Following this activity, Shropshire Council made the following changes on our recommendation:

  • Removal of evening charging in Abbey Foregate and St Julian Friars
  • Free parking at Frankwell and Abbey Foregate on Sunday
  • Introduction of an 8-hour cap at Frankwell, Abbey Foregate and Raven Meadows
  • Downgrading of the St Julian Friars car park band
  • Retention of the 15-minute pop and shop

Although there were significant improvements we have continued to negotiate changes on evening charging, as this was highlighted as a major issue by the Shrewsbury BID community.

Before the final car parking strategy was approved by Shropshire Council cabinet, we campaigned for evening charging to be scrapped at Frankwell as we saw this having too great an impact on the night time economy. In July 2018, Shropshire Council agreed to this change. However, we feel that last-minute concessions to other locations undermined the consultation process and principle of the whole strategy. The result is an unbalanced and unfair strategy which penalises Shrewsbury. As a result, we lobbied Shropshire Council for the total removal of the proposed evening on-street charges in Shrewsbury. Shropshire Council conceded to our lobbying and agreed to scrap evening charges.

The new car parking strategy came in at the start of November 2018 and we will be monitoring footfall and feedback to assess the impact of the changes.




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