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Flooding Support

Follow the unprecedented flooding in Shrewsbury in February 2020, many businesses were greatly affected both directly by flooding to their properties and through a loss of trade.

Financial support is available from the Government for eligible businesses, including:

  • A grant for up to £2,500 per small/medium-sized businesses affected
  • Business rates relief for at least three months

Businesses are eligible if they have been directly impacted or have suffered a loss of trade as a result of flooding that cannot be recovered from insurance. It is recommended that you keep evidence of damage caused by the floods, including photographs of all damage to builds and contents.

We created a Business Impact Survey to assess and measure the on-going impact of the flooding, to guide local business support, and to lobby the Government for further financial support and new resilience measures.

After completing the Flood Impact Survey, businesses will then be contacted by Shropshire Council and asked to answer a few final questions and sign a declaration to submit their claim.

Follow the receding of the floodwaters, Shrewsbury BID undertook a campaign to get the #open4business message out across social media and encourage support of the town.

Other support that Shrewsbury BID has provided for businesses includes:

  • Regular messages to keep businesses up-to-date on river levels, road closures, and official advice
  • A drop-in flood information evening for businesses to access flood support face-to-face
  • Lobbying Shropshire Council for parking/park and ride offers to help the town recover



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